Why YOU need Flash Optimized Storage:

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 Download : TMS Flash Strategy Guide and Penn State's Use Case

Reduce Oracle and VMware licenses by 50%?

Improve application/CPU efficiency by 5-10x?

Reduce your storage footprint by 90%?

Reduce your power/cooling costs by 90%?

Improve the operational efficiency of your entire IT infrastructure while providing the lowest latency

Why Texas Memory Flash is the BEST in the Industry


  • 34 years of experience in the low latency SSD/Flash industry
  • Currently shipping the 19th generation of flash technology
  • Support  flash in PCIe, Tiering & Standalone configurations

Performance & Efficiency

  • Sustained, deterministic 60-100 µs latencies
  • 20TB usable capacity delivering 500K IOPS

Reliability, Availability & Serviceability

  • eMLChas 10x more endurance than MLC Flash
  • 50% more over-provisioning than the competition
  • VSR & 2D Raid to minimize service disruptions by 10x

Knockout Bottlenecks with Flash

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