Build and run apps YOUR way

with IBM Bluemix

Based on the open source architecture of Cloud Foundry, Bluemix provides the flexibility to integrate development frameworks, languages and services that suit your needs.

Develop applications using Web IDE and Eclipse – while storing your code directly on Bluemix or GitHub.

Open Cloud Bluemix is based on Cloud Foundry, an open source project, and features additional runtimes and services from the open source community. This makes Bluemix a great place to build and run applications that leverage technology and innovation from the open source developer community.
Flexibility and Choice: Bluemix not only offers developers a broad range of IBM, third-party and open source APIs and services, but it integrates with many of the developer tools you already use today.
Focus on the Code: By abstracting lower-level infrastructure components, Bluemix enables you to spend more of your time and talent writing the code that will differentiate your app and drive user adoption and engagement.

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What will you build?

Build apps and services for free in the first 30 days. Enjoy the free tier even after the trial ends, and pay only for what you use.


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