Reduce your TCO by up to 90%


Restore Instantly

Eliminate restore windows and enable recovery time objectives measured in seconds, not minutes or hours, even for multi-terabyte files.

Reduce Storage Footprint by up to 95%


Since there is no longer a need to store multiple copies of data, storage frees up instantly.

Reduce Licensing and Hardware Costs


Eliminate licensing and hardware costs that you need today to support multiple, siloed data protection solutions.

Industries all over the globe are facing a dramatic increase of data and a large majority of it is excess copy data. This copy data is one of the driving forces behind the increase in data. The IDC reports that while production data is growing at about 8% annually, copies of production data called “copy data” have been growing 5 times that rate.Actifio manages that copy data and can greatly improve your entire environment :

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